An experienced growth team focused on your success.

Our executive team has extensive experience in finance, real estate, elderly care, marketing, computer security as well as corporate security.

Light King Capital is comprised of individuals with a proven track record of financial expertise, in-depth venture capital experience, and boardroom-level managerial competence.

The Light King Team consistently brings to the table a combination of creativity, vision, integrity, and commitment to developing companies with extraordinary growth potential and outstanding leadership.” — Nathan Steinmetz, CEO Heritage Retirement Communities

Partnering to empower and expedite breakthrough results.

We help early stage start-ups and ongoing firms become great global businesses.

We work with early- and mid-stage companies, providing angel and seed venture capital investments, advisory and board services, business consulting, and creating innovative solutions. Our collaborative approach allows us to work closely with management teams, providing them with the financial and operating tools that they need to improve margins and achieve profitable business growth.



Jeffrey M. Weiskopf

Managing Partner

Mr. Weiskopf has over three and a half decades experience in marketing, management and investing in a variety of businesses where he has overseen large scale operations along with significant cost reduction programs. He currently holds the position of Chairman and CEO of White Eagle Property Group, a privately held multifamily real estate firm.

Jeff sits on numerous boards of nonprofit organizations including two of the largest Jewish charities in the country

At Light King Capital he is responsible for the integration of the firm’s assets, executive team and relations with bankers and investors. Mr. Weiskopf is known for uncompromising standards and leadership in the financial markets and numerous industries. Mr. Weiskopf has the ability and experience to help guide startup firms and its management to next level business leadership.


Harvey Klein

Managing Partner

Harvey brings over twenty five years of management and business operating experience to the boardroom table. He is currently the CEO at King Ventures, as well as at Breaking Vending, Alpha Gas & Electric, Security King, and HJ Group. Mr. Klein has managed numerous corporations and firms that span industries such as real estate, adult care, premium incentives, security, energy and vending.

Known for his ability to guide fledgling ideas from inception to fruition, Harvey has overseen hundreds of employees and hundreds of millions in sales. At Light King Capital, he helps analyze and lead the operations of startup ventures and ongoing entities, ever on the lookout for economies of scale and emerging growth opportunities.

In addition to his extensive business commitments, Mr. Klein devotes considerable time and energy to directing and volunteering for local non-profits and charities.